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    The Enterprise Management Department Organized the Enterprise Propaganda Report to Provide the Manuscript Request and the Vocational Training

    Source:未知  Time:2018-06-04 13:42

    On 25th April, the Enterprise Management department organized the enterprise propaganda report to provide the manuscript request and the vocational training, which was hosted by Wang Yongxian from the union office. Messengers from all the departments participated in the training.

    During the training, Wang Yongxian gave an introduction to the requests of providing the manuscript, including the clear-cut theme, smooth and coherent statement, correct logic. He gave specific descriptions to the requests by sharing specific cases from the daily work. Afterwards, through his own experience in the manuscript writing skills and specific procedures, he shared his opinions. This training contributed to the open thinking in the daily writing for everyone and the vocational choices available were also provided.      

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